A Franco joins 21 Jump Street, but not the one you think

Good, I was going to have to jam a pen through my hand if I had to write one more "James Franco joins ______" stories, as I've done probably 20 in the last few months.

Rather, the Franco in question joining 21 JUMP STREET is James' little brother Dave, who I know best from the Funny or Die series, Acting with James Franco. But in reality, he's been a part of a lot of projects from Greek to Scrubs to most recently FRIGHT NIGHT.

The younger Franco joins the cast as a drug dealing high school student, presumably eventually busted by the duo of undercover cops Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Deadline points out that Franco is 26, Hill is 28 and Tatum is 31, and it seems this movie really will be stretching the bounds of "playing high school."

No word yet on if Johnny Depp will be making his promised cameo, but he certainly seems like he's good natured enough to deliver on his word.

Extra Tidbit: I respect those eyebrows. I have those eyebrows.
Source: Deadline



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