A full-length trailer for I Kill Giants comic book drama is finally here!

I can hardly contain myself, right now. The first full-length trailer for Anders Walter's I KILL GIANTS is finally here and it's everything I hoped it would be, and more! Adapted from the critically-acclaimed Image Comics series of the same name, I KILL GIANTS tells the emotional story of Barbara Thorson, an outcast fifth grader with an overactive imagination who spends her free time hunting and killing giants in a fantasy world of her own making. Writer Joe Kelly and artist Ken Niimura released the series in 2008, and since reading it for the first time in 2012, I KILL GIANTS has remained my favorite comic book tale of all time.

The film stars Madison Wolfe as Barbara, Sydney Wade as Barbara's best friend Sophia, Zoe Saldana as Ms. Molle, a school guidance counselor hoping to reach her troubled student, and Imogen Poots as Barbara's concerned sister. Throughout the story, Kelly and Niimura deliver a roller coaster of a tale that's filled with action, heartbreak, magical hammers, and yes, giants. I KILL GIANTS will be Walter's feature debut, with Kelly having written the screenplay for the film.

In my personal talks with Joe, over the past several years that we've known one another, he's promised me that the film will serve to expand upon Barbara's brave story in new and exciting ways. I'm positively climbing the walls while waiting for this film to make its wide-release debut. I KILL GIANTS will open in theaters, and arrive On Demand and Digital HD on March 23rd.

"I find giants. I hunt giants. I kill giants."

- Barbara Thorson

Extra Tidbit: I have 17 tattoos. My only comic-related one is of the image you see at the top of this article, of Barbara standing atop a fallen giant's hand.
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