A Godzilla Anime film will roar onto Netflix later this year

I've got good news, my giant lizard-loving friends. As you may have noticed within these past few years, we've been living in what can only be described as something of a comeback era for Japan's coolest kaiju and city-stomping extraordinaire, Godzilla. In fact, with the release of KONG: SKULL ISLAND and Universal going full-steam-ahead with their "Monsterverse" plans, I think those of us who enjoy a well-balanced diet of giant beasts in our entertainment are sitting real pretty right about now. If you do the math, we got Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA in 2014, the Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi's SHIN GODZILLA in 2016, and now, Netflix is making plans to produce a GODZILLA ANIME film later this year.

The anime, which will mark the lizard king's 30th feature film produced by Toho, will present us with the a glimpse at what manner of impact Godzilla would have on the world of tomorrow. In looking at a teaser image from the film, one can see lumbering, mechanized tanks plowing through a lush forest as men and women in spacesuits look on from a cliff's edge. As of the moment, very little is known regarding the plot details of the film, though with any luck we can expect to see some new and futuristic monsters throw down with our radioactive pal from down below. 

The GODZILLA ANIME will be presented by Poygon Pictures (KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA, BLAME!) with Gen Urobuchi (screenwriter of PSYCHO-PASS and the fantastic, mind-bending MADOKA-MAGIKA) penning the script and Kobun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita (AJIN: DEMI-HUMAN) set to direct. In talking about the upcoming project, Hiroyuki Seshita stated, "I’m thrilled to collaborate with two very talented colleagues, Mr. Gen Urobuchi and Director Kobun Shizuno to bring to life a unique vision of a universal human drama set in an epic world."

Set to be released in over 190 countires, the GODZILLA ANIME will feature the voice acting talents of Yuki Kaji (“Attack on Titan,” “AJIN: Demi-Human”), Takahiro Sakurai (“AJIN: Demi-Human,” “BLAME!”), Tomokazu Sugita (“Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker,” “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”), Junichi Suwabe (“Nodame Cantabile,” “Prince of Tennis”), Kana Hanazawa (“BLAME!,” “Psycho-Pass”) and Mamoru Miyano (“AJIN: Demi-Human,” “The Seven Deadly Sins”). 

And there you have it, Godzilla fans! Between this project and Michael Dougherty's plans to releae GODZILLA: KING OF MONSTERS on March 22, 2019, I'd say things are looking pretty good for any kaiju enthusiast who likes their entertainment good and stompy. Look for Netflix to present their GODZILLA ANIME on the premiere streaming service later this year.

Extra Tidbit: Godzilla's classic roar was produced by rubbing a leather glove over a bass violin string.
Source: cbr.com



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