A Goonie returns

It's been over 20 years since THE GOONIES first grabbed a generation's imaginations, and the actors behind the teen adventurers have since gone on to varying levels of celebrity and career -- a couple seemingly disappearing altogether.

Our chum Clint Morris, webmaster of Aussie movie site Moviehole, also fills his days as a movie producer, and is working on a new film called COMPLACENT. The makers of the indie drama have drawn Kerri Green (aka "Andy" from THE GOONIES) out of semi-retirement for a role.

The 80s cutie (LUCAS, THREE FOR THE ROAD -- that's her in the purple with some fellow Goonies at a recent reunion) will co-star with genre hottie Cerina Vincent (CABIN FEVER) as "sisters whose already tumultuous lives are rocked by tragedy."

The movie also features Adrienne Barbeau, Christopher Showerman (GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE 2), Elisa Donovan (CLUELESS) and Joey Kern (SUPER TROOPERS). The project comes from writer-director Steven R. Monroe, who previously worked with Vincent on the monster flick IT WAITS. 

Extra Tidbit: Okay, Clint -- now see what you can do about bringing back Jonathan Ke Quan, aka "Data", aka "Short Round".
Source: Moviehole



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