A great look at WETA's Rise of the Planet of the Apes mo-cap work

We all doubted it, but now with buzz around RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES being actually rather good, the seemingly bad idea might turn out to be pretty cool after all.

I've been impressed with the trailers since day one, thanks in part to Andy Serkis' Ceasar, and today with this new featurette we can see just how much work went into the CGI apes that populate this film. People are still complaining about the CGI (of course), but it's as damn close to perfect as we can physically get with our current tech, and I think it's pretty damn good.

Check out the video below. The shots that juxtapose Serkis and Ceasar's face really give you the full effect, and is highly reminiscent of AVATAR.

Extra Tidbit: You know, I still think we could subdue an intelligent ape uprising. How many apes are really in America? Also, we have machine guns.
Source: WETA



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