A green-band trailer has been cut for Bad Santa 2

billy bob thornton, brett kelly, bad santa 2

After taking a look at the red-band trailer for BAD SANTA 2 and seeing all the restricted things there that'd make you want to see the movie in the first place, you might ask yourself exactly what the point is for Broad Green Pictures to cut a green-band trailer. After all, you can't show most of the film's dirtier material, which is where so many of the laughs of the first film resided.

But what you can show is a little bit more story when you don't have the tits, ass and filthy language to fall back on, and that's where the new trailer for BAD SANTA 2 hits the right notes. It isn't rested on its adult laurels, and it still understands you have to be able to sell a movie on character and story rather than a bunch of F-words. 

As a result, you get a more well-rounded look at what the sequel has planned, and it still looks just as funny as what we saw a few days ago. 




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