A look at footage from that aborted CGI Thundercats movie

A while back there was talk of a Thundercats movie coming to the big screen. It was a CGI origin story, and no one seemed particularly excited about it so it faded away. Cut to today however, where you can see footage from the lost project below.

It's an epic duel between young Lion-O and Slithe. The animation is...fine, but I can't say I watched it and went "aw man this NEEDS to get made!" Perhaps you'll feel a bit more passionately about it.

Thundercats has now transitioned into a new anime-ish TV show instead, which it's more suited for than a CGI film, and I might actually watch that version. All of this still pales in comparison to that epic fan-made live-action Thundercats trailer from a while back though.

Check out the video clip below, and I guess you'll just have to speculate about the origin of the Thundercats yourself.

Extra Tidbit: I'm surprised no one has tried to reboot Power Rangers into a feature film yet.
Source: Flixist



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