A mobile Terminator: Genisys video game is being developed now

Arnold Schwarzenegger, terminator genisys

Clearly the best time to develop a video game based on a movie is over a year after it failed miserably at the box office, thus setting off a chain of events that had any further movement on the future of the franchise in question halted indefinitely. That's why the news that video game developer Plarium has secured the rights to make TERMINATOR: GENISYS for iOS and Android sounds perfectly reasonable and more than logical. 

The game will be structured as a clan-based massively multiplayer online strategy game and is said to "pull from the themes, experiences and character likenesses," although I still can't imagine why, considering no one dug any of that when it was a part of the movie that was soundly rejected. The game will be free, but, if you want to get deeper, you're going to have to make some in-app purchases, which sounds like a tall order to me. Paramount couldn't convince people to part with their money to see the movie. They think it's going to be an easier sell getting people to fork over cash to play a game based on the movie that they didn't want to see...? Alrighty then. 

As for how the game is laid out...

Players start the game as the machines begin to wake up — but this time, without central command to dictate their actions. Players will have the option to lead a Resistance Commander or Skynet Command Node as the war between machine and man continues.

I imagine someone will play this, and who knows...? If it's good, maybe TERMINATOR: GENISYS will have more life as a mobile game than it ever did as a feature film. Wouldn't that be something? 


Source: Variety



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