A new and badass image of Ruby Rose as Batwoman grapples in

Criminals beware, Batwoman is on the prowl and she's not about to tolerate any of your tomfoolery. Today, Entertainment Weekly has released an in-depth article concerning Batwoman's introduction to The CW's Arrowverse, as well as a new photo of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK and JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2 alumna Ruby Rose dressed in the iconic character's cape and cowl. According to the coverage, the pic is taken from a scene which finds one of DC's flagship LGBTQ+ characters using her patented grappling hook and Batarang "to stop two inmates from escaping Arkham Asylum." It's also being said that, in the scene, Batwoman rescues Stephen Amell's Green Arrow and Carlos Valdes' Cisco Ramon. Aw yeah, you buck those tired tropes, Batwoman. There shall be no hiding in a refrigerator for you. Also, bonus points for you readers who are hip to that reference.

You can check out the new image for yourself below:

Batwoman's debut episode was directed by James Bamford, who told EW that "I wanted all of the bat toys to be revealed in one scene." Whoa there, Bamford, I certainly hope that you're keeping at least a few surprises in your utility belt. I'd hate for Kate to blown her "wonderful toy" wad in one fell swoop. We're all trusting you, dude, and we've got itchy keyboard fingers.

In the episode, The Flash, Supergirl and Green Arrow will find themselves in Gotham City, as they hope to track down an Arkham Asylum doctor by the name of John Deegan, portrayed by LOST and SLEEPY HOLLOW actor Jeremy Davies. While we don't know the group's motivation for seeking out the good doctor, you can bet your keys to the Batcave that it's because he's been up to no good. Or maybe not, I don't really know. One thing's for sure, the "Elseworlds" crossover is bound to get weird, as Barry and Oliver are expected to change places, Superman dons a black suit, the Trigger Twins show up, and much more.

The event is scheduled to be presented over the course of three nights beginning with a special episode of THE FLASH on Sunday Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The comic book shenanigans will then continue with ARROW on December 10th, before coming to its conclusion with SUPERGIRL on December 11th. You don't have to be the world's greatest detective to know that this event is not to be missed, if you're a fan of the Arrowverse. In other words, mark your calendars accordingly, and get ready for what's hoped to be a monumental comic book television event.



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