A new animated film based on Little Nemo in Slumberland is in the works

ON Animation, the studio behind Mark Osborne's THE LITTLE PRINCE, is preparing to make animation enthusiast's dreams come true by pairing up with Hyrum Osmond, the head of animation on Disney's MOANA, for a new animated film based on Winsor McCay’s classic comic strip.

Titled LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND, Osmond will present viewers with a fresh take on the adventures of a young boy who escapes to a hypnagogic, fantasy world each night, upon slipping into a deep slumber. As Nemo investigates the bizarre dreamworld, he quickly becomes friends with several of the locale's quirky subjects, who then join him on a mission to explore Mars, the Candy Islands, Jack Frost's palace, and other distorted places such as the funhouse-like Befuddle Hall.

In being positively honored to take on the task of re-inventing Nemo's dreamworld for the next generation, Osmond released a statement saying Little Nemo in Slumberland is a masterpiece that has influenced generations all over the world, breaking new ground in visual storytelling. I look forward to joining the amazing team at ON Animation to bring this beloved work to life,”

Producing the project will be ON ANimation's Aton Soumache and Dimitri Rassam, who will partner with Alexis Vonarb and Emmanuel Jacomet on the project.

“The strip is truly an unlimited source for astonishing adventures. McCay created a world made for CGI a century before the technology existed,” says Soumache. “It’s a passion project at the heart of ON Animation’s philosophy: a beloved property leading to a story of emotional truth, set against a never-before-seen world.”

Yo, if this leads to another Little Nemo: The Dream Master video game I will lose my damn mind.

Stay tuned for more details regarding LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND as they become available.

Source: Comicbook.com



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