A new Furious 7 featurette introduces you to all the new cast members

As the premiere of FURIOUS 7 inches closer and closer I’m finding it to be a bit of a bittersweet affair. The series will no doubt continue, but with the absence of Paul Walker it will definitely feel quite different. The franchise has certainly accumulated its fair share of new characters over these past few films, so at the very least we can be sure the next installment won’t feel empty.

FURIOUS 7 has landed a lot of very cool actors and actresses for this seventh installment and Universal has just released this handy behind-the-scenes featurette to serve as our introduction to them. Kurt Russell. Nathalie Emmanuel. Jason Statham. Rhonda Rousey. Tony Jaa. Djimon Hounsou. That lineup looks like they could headline their own film.

I absolutely can’t wait to see Kurt Russell in action, the man has been absent from the big-screen for a little too long. With his appearance in this as well as Quentin Tarantino’s THE HATEFUL EIGHT on November 13, 2015, it will feel good to have him back in the game.

FURIOUS 7 recently screened at SXSW and garnered a lot of positive praise; if the past two films tickled your fancy it sounds as though this one will as well. FURIOUS 7 hits theaters April 3, 2015.



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