A new glance at some gods in Empire's Thor issue

The new print issue of Empire is out, and it's all about that handsome god of thunder THOR.

We get to see a few new shots (via HeyUGuys) of Chris Hemsworth in costume, making us say Alexander Skarsgaa-who? And the curled horns of Loki make a guest appearance on set.

I'm not sure whether or not to have high hopes for this or not. I think pitching Thor as an alien rather than an actual god is a good start, though aliens don't quite fit into the IRON MAN, HULK and CAPTAIN AMERICAN universes we've seen/are seeing so far either. But then at that point you have to stop and say "oh, it's a movie, what the f*ck ever" and just enjoy it.

Check out the photos below, and look for better versions in the print issue of Empire available now.

Extra Tidbit: I'm kind of digging the costume more than I used to be. We'll see how it looks in motion.
Source: HeyuGuysEmpire



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