A new MJ Watson?

Sam Raimi was talking to MTV recently, about the state of SPIDERMAN 4. He said that the script is currently in the hands of playwright David Lindsay-Abaire and should be done in about four weeks. He also teased that maybe, just maybe (oh my god, could it really, actually happen??) Kirsten Dunst won't be back:

“Kirsten? I have talked with her, and she’s very excited about the possibility of it... I think I’m going to have to read the screenplay and make sure everything we’ve talked about is working, before I could honestly tell you absolutely how [Dunst’s possible return] would go.”

Of course she is excited about it. She looks like a goblin and the fact that the SPIDERMAN franchise has already committed to her is probably the best thing going in her life. War criminals are higher on the casting call-list for summer blockbusters than she is. And in any case, Raimi has the chance to rectify one of the greatest mistakes he ever made here by not casting Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Mary Jane Watson. All it takes is one line of dialogue - something like "oh MJ, great idea getting facial reconstructive surgery, teeth reduction, and magical personality serum, so that my enemies no longer suspect you as my lover" - and boom, I'm buying a ticket.
Extra Tidbit: Incidentally, MORE pictures of Miss Winstead in SCOTT PILGRIM.
Source: MTV



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