A new official look at Bane offers a fiery look at the new Gotham villain

Some images of Gotham's newest and latest villain, Bane, were floating around earlier today, and the reactions were...less than favourable, with some comparing the new look of the infamous Batman villain to hot, salty garbage. Well, Entertainment Weekly has now released the first official full look at Bane with the hope that fans will be more receptive.

Maybe it looks better in motion? The fifth and final season of Gotham will introduce Bane as Eduardo Dorrance, A former Army friend of Jim Gordon's (Ben McKenzie) who is gradually transformed into the supervillain. Shane West (Salem) will be playing Bane, who showrunner John Stephens described as "very, very strong, and very angry." The fifth season will be picking up the "No Man's Land" storyline which kicked off late last season and finds Gotham City isolated from the rest of the country by the U.S. government  "We pick up at the top of season five, at the conclusion of No Man’s Land, Day 365," Stephens said. “Then, we cycle backwards to day 87, three months into No Man’s Land where Jim has created his green zone and wants his reunification. We’re catching up, and for the first nine episodes, we’re always catching up to that first scene we see."

When Fox renewed Gotham for a fifth and final season, producers said that it will "wrap up this unique origin story of the great DC Comics Super-villains and vigilantes, which revealed an entirely new chapter that has never been told." Gotham will return early 2019.

Does Bane look any better than he did earlier today?



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