A new world is rising in Westworld season two trailer

WESTWORLD became yet another binge-worthy entry in the modern canon of tremendous television, giving audiences one more universe of characters to obsess over. Season two is already one of the most anticipated television events of the year, and now the first trailer for the show is here and features the "host" characters (notably Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton) taking back the world they've been placed in. See, I knew those “Sims” families would revolt one day. No one listened to me!

The trailer is filled with lots of cool imagery, especially of the bulls charging at the men with guns and Wood firing off the big rifle on horseback. The first season was all about set up and now this new season looks to take the show to an entirely different place by following up with some of the major characters. I'm sure some people assumed at first that the second season may take place in another sort of "world", like one in medieval times or something. But the final few episodes of the first season blew my mind and I would be super bummed if they didn't continue that storyline. Both Newton and Wood look ready to take charge, and I am very much all about that.

WESTWORLD season two arrives April 22.

Source: HBO



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