A Nicolas Winding Refn-approved rescore of Drive coming to BBC Three

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Love it or hate it, DRIVE has one of the best scores of the last decade. Full of pumping instrumental music and a carefully selected soundtrack of songs that accent the emotional, ahem, drive of the film, DRIVE is a movie that is dependent on music. But, what if that music changes?

BBC Radio host Zane Lowe has accepted the challenge and has selected a new set of songs from artists like CHVRCHES, Bastille, Foals, and more as a part of BBC program Radio 1 Rescores. While countless websites and YouTube videos are dedicated to experiments like this, this is one of the few occasions where the original filmmaker has put his stamp of approval on the project. Here is what Nicolas Winding Refn had to say.

“I consider it a great honor that my movie DRIVE inspired so many wonderful artists to come together and create one ultra-cool glam experience.”

Unfortunately for non-British audiences, the rescore of DRIVE will only be airing on BBC Three with the option for viewers to switch between the original soundtrack and the new curated selection. I would hope that if this ends up matching as seamlessly as Refn's musical cues that we may see this reach more audiences outside of the United Kingdom and potentially more experiments like this in the future.

Check out the brief teaser for the rescored version of DRIVE which airs on BBC Three on October 30th.

Extra Tidbit: What other movies would be interesting candidates to be re-scored like this?
Source: The Film Stage



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