A Palahniuk greenlight?

Whenever I get an e-mail that includes the words "Chuck," "Palahniuk" and "greenlight" I get nervous. I mean we've heard a million times about Chuck's books getting "greenlit" by Hollywood but how many have we actually seen? I mean you can Google those words above and pretty much every one of Palahniuk's novels has been rumored to be greenlit. So it's with great trepidation that I even run this news but it's interesting enough that I feel I should share it. Chuck Palahniuk's official fan site says they talked to Chuck and confirmed that CHOKE will begin filming this summer. Nevermind that in 2004 we reported back in 2004 that Chuck said filming was going to begin that summer. That was three years ago. But now the news is that Sam Rockwell is starring for writer Clark Gregg (WHAT LIES BENEATH) who will make his directorial debut. And in that always confusing "they're looking at" casting news, Glenn Close, Julianne Moore and Annette Bening could be co-starring. So take it all with a grain of salt. But perhaps it's good news for Chuck fans and some of his other books who have been inching closer to development.

Extra Tidbit: Just finished reading DIARY and it's different than most Chuck books but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Go check it out.



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