A Percy Jackson sequel on the fast-track at Fox?

I had mostly assumed that PERCY JACKSON would be another entry in the seemingly endless list of fantasy films that wanted to be a franchise but never got past their first installment (somewhere alongside ERAGON, CITY OF EMBER, THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES and THE GOLDEN COMPASS). But Fox is putting a PERCY JACKSON sequel into active development and have hired Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (AGENT CODY BANKS) to adapt the second book in the series "The Sea of Monsters."

The original film was directed by Chris Columbus and performed respectfully but at $89 million, probably less than what Fox had expected. The original film's star Logan Lerman, once thought to the be the frontrunner for the SPIDER-MAN reboot gig that Andrew Garfield wound up getting, is set to return for the sequel. He's obviously contractually obligated to return but one of the chief complaints of the first film amongst fans of the books was that Percy was aged from a 12-year-old to a high school senior. Keeping Lerman, who will likely be 20 by the time filming begins, will only further exacerbate those issues and alienate young fans of the franchise (let's not even mention that co-star Brandon T. Jackson will almost be 30-years-old).

Columbus is not expected to return to direct the film, though he will produce, as he did once he left the HARRY POTTER franchise. The studio has not yet gone out to directors with the gig but if the script goes well, filming could begin later this year.

Source: LA Times



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