A remaster of the Crash Bandicoot games is coming to PS4

Back when I had the patience to play videogames, I was a Playstation kid (and a Sega kid before that). So I was always defensive about Sonic and Crash Bandicoot whenever arguments about videogame mascots came up, even though Mario has indeed become the undisputed ubermensch at this point. So I have some nostalgia for good ol' Crash Bandicoot, and even have fond memories playing his MARIO KART rip-off CRASH TEAM RACING.

Anway, this is all to say that there is going to be making a new remaster of the original CRASH BANDICOOT trilogy on the PS4 called the CRASH BANDICOOT N. SANE TRILOGY. Here's a trailer:

Yep. Sure looks like CRASH BANDICOOT all right. I'd say the graphics look good, but nothing amazing. It's weird, because after watching the trailer it's how my memory remembers CRASH BANDICOOT looking, but after comparing it to screenshots from the original PS1 games it is most definitely night-and-day. I mean, holy shit, we definitely were very forgiving back in the '90s.

Anyway, the CRASH BANDICOOT remaster will come out this summer June 30th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: I'd be down to see Crash Bandicoot in a SUPER SMASH BROS. sequel.
Source: YouTube



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