A self-described zombie hunter busted in New York City with swords, knives and night-vision goggles

Have you ever been to New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal? It's my port of entry for all my trips to NYC so I'm probably more familiar with the depot than I'd like to admit. But it represents so much of what New York City is: it's filled with businessmen, tourists, crazy bums, weird smells and strange shops. But earlier this week it was also home to something you don't see in Port Authority very often: a zombie hunter.

Port Authority officers, who are an omnipresent force in the building, spotted 25-year-old Christopher Rodger, an odd looking man in a trench coat with an "empty look" in his eyes. How that separates him from the rest of the homeless and 9-5 workers in the building, I'll never know, but officers decided to stop Rodger and it's probably a good thing they did. He was carrying a camouflage knapsack filled with five samurai swords, three daggers, a gas-powered pellet gun, night-vision goggles, blueprints and burglar tools.

Rodger claimed he was a "zombie enthusiast" - which likely means he's watching way too much "Walking Dead" or George Romero movies - on the look out for the walking dead (I'm pretty sure he was unaware of any irony involved in looking for the walking dead in NYC's Port Authority).

What exactly he was planning to do with all those weapons and whether he was actually going to do those things remains to be seen but Mr. Rodger will have plenty of time to think about what could've been while in the pokey. (Or maybe, he'll stay safe in jail while the zombies ravage our flesh!) And while we're on the subject, wouldn't swords and daggers be a rather inefficient weapon against the undead though? Shouldn't Rodger have been packing a shotgun? (Actually that would probably have been a bad idea...)

Source: NY Post



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