A short but really ridiculously good-looking update on Zoolander 2

The story behind the ZOOLANDER sequel is nearly as tragic as a male model who can't turn left.

Despite the willingness of all involved, and audiences eager to chuckle at more vacant posing, the studio has been unwilling to commit to giving Ben Stiller's chiseled and clueless alter-ego a return trip down the catwalk.

But that may be changing -- writer Justin Theroux has been putting the polish on the script, which will find the aging Derek and Hansel (Owen Wilson) attempting to get back into the modeling world.

And now Viacom COO Tom Dooley lists the project among several in the production pipeline for a release some time after September 2011, along with STAR TREK 2, G.I. JOE 2, TMNT and the Jack Ryan reboot.

Additionally, Dooley noted that Theroux (who also penned TROPIC THUNDER and IRON MAN 2) will also direct ZOOLANDER 2, which will reportedly feature the return of Will Ferrell's evil Mugatu along with some new villains (including Jonah Hill).

Extra Tidbit: I'll always think of Theroux as Bateman's smug colleague in AMERICAN PSYCHO.
Source: THR



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