A Space Invaders movie to blast your childhood memories into pieces

I was stone-faced as I read the news in the LA Times that Warner Bros. is beginning to formulate plans for a SPACE INVADERS movie. I mean, MISSILE COMMAND and ASTEROIDS are already getting their own features; it was only a matter of time before another arcade classic fell.

Let me quickly launch into a rant here, as I cannot understand the thought process behind any of these “new old school” video game movies.

SPACE INVADERS has zero backstory. None. There are aliens invading earth. You shoot them. They die. So WHY does Warner Bros. think it needs to acquire the SPACE INVADERS license to make a movie about an alien invasion? Maybe they’re banking on brand recognition from thirty years ago, but I think it hurts the project to be attached to the game, which most people would view as idiotic source material. I would give Warners much more credit if they just said they were crafting an entirely new sci-fi action adventure film about an alien invasion, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING, considering they have literally nothing to go off of from the original game.

Why do they feel the need to attach themselves to this ancient game that will have nothing to do with the film other than the one sentence plot synopsis? Why do they need to brand a space rock exploding film ASTEROIDS? Why must a naval warfare film be based on the BATTLESHIP game? What is even the monetary incentive here? Like who is even paying who in this scenario? Is Universal paying Milton Bradley for the rights to Battleship? Or is Milton Bradley paying Universal to make a movie to promote their brand and product?

SPACE INVADERS epitomizes this kind of idiocy for me, and I just can’t fathom why studios are desperately clinging to adaptations, when they could be boasting a stable full of original features using exactly the same material. Anyone have a better handle on this whole phenomenon than me?

Extra Tidbit: To be fair, I would totally be down for a Frogger movie. A frog avoiding things. I could get behind that.
Source: LA Times



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