A Star is Born Venice premiere halted after venue gets struck by lightning

Well, it turns out that everyone's a critic, even Mother Nature. This afternoon during the world premiere of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's A STAR IS BORN, the venue at the Venice Film Festival hosting the new film was struck by lightning, causing technical difficulties, including a loss of picture and sound. The delay only lasted for about 15 minutes, but that was enough for guests of the premiere to crack plenty of weather-related jokes with regard to Gaga's electrifying performance in the musical drama. Like the stunner that she is, Gaga could be seen laughing and blowing kisses to the crowd during the ordeal. Thankfully, no reports of anyone being harmed during the screening have been reported.

Directed by Bradley Cooper, A STAR IS BORN tells the story of a musician (Cooper) who helps a young singer and actress (Gaga) find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral. In addition to directing and starring in the pic, Cooper also penned the screenplay alongside Eric Roth (MUNICH, FORREST GUMP) and Will Fetters (REMEMBER ME, THE LUCKY ONE), which had been inspired from a story written by Willaim A. Wellman (GALLANT JOURNEY) and Robert Carson (ACROSS THE PACIFIC).

Word of mouth has A STAR IS BORN on track to become a major player for the next awards season, with many hailing the film as a "brilliant" and "heartfelt" musical that places both leads firmly in the spotlight.

A STAR IS BORN will shine in theaters October 5th.

Source: Variety



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