A Star is re-re-reBorn

Garland in 54's STAR IS BORN remake

Somewhere at Warner Studios, a while ago, execs were in a meeting trying to pitch endless remakes and sequels until one of them got sick of it and barked that they might as well remake A STAR IS BORN for the 3rd time. And that is why, kids, sometimes it's better to keep your anger inside. 'Cause it might give other studio execs bad ideas.

A remake of the 1976 Barbara Streisand remake of the 1954 Judy Garland remake of the 1937 classic has been in development for about 10 years, at one point set to star Will Smith under Joel Schumacher - dodged THAT bullet, didn't we? But now the project is "finally" moving forward with the studio having entrusted rookie writer Will Fetters with forging a updated version of the story called simply STAR.

No director is yet attached and no production slate announced, but rumor mill has Beyonce circling the project. Wasn't DREAMGIRLS pretty much the same kinda story? Meh, who cares. So was NEW YORK, NEW YORK and I sure won't be putting Scorcese down.

Extra Tidbit: The movie's producer Jon Peters got his start in the biz as Barb Streisand's hair dresser. Kevin Smith tells a pretty funny story of his meeting him.



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