A swinging lightbulb and lots of shadows tease Season 6 of The Walking Dead

Sometimes the simplest trailers for our entertainment can be the best. We've gotten into the habit of wanting everything served up to us in advance that the art of seduction is often forgotten. We don't need to always see the thing. Being reminded of the thing and then teased to the point of excitement that the thing is coming back can be just as effective.

That's the direction taken by the newest trailer for Season 6 of THE WALKING DEAD, which shows no walkers, no danger, no tension, no nothing... Just many shades of light and dark as we're reminded who is still alive and making their way back for new episodes. It's amazing what a swinging lightbulb overhead and a slow zoom on the characters can do until we wish premiere night was here already.

THE WALKING DEAD returns to AMC on Sunday, October 11.

Keep an eye out over at AITH for reviews of Season 6's episodes, and in the meantime, be sure to check out their review of the premiere of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD.

Source: AMC



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