A terrifying final trailer for Stephen King's The Mist TV series rolls in

Everyone knows that the weather can quickly become a destructive force of nature, though what if, instead of wind, lightning, and sever snowfall, monsters were lurking in the depths of an all-consuming mist? That's a question that Spike TV aims to explore when the channel's adaptation of Stephen King's THE MIST debuts on June 22, 2017.

Today, we've got a brand-new and truly terrifying trailer for the upcoming television series about a town full of people that finds themselves at the mercy of a weather-related supernatural phenomenon. According to sources, the series will introduce characters that are entirely new to the story, which had previously been adapted for the big screen courtesy of director Frank Darabont in 2007.

Check out the trailer for yourself right here:

At the center of Spike TV's re-imagined series, we join the Copeland family - Eve (Alyssa Sutherland) who plays a school teacher with a long, sordid history throughout town; her husband Kevin (PERSON OF INTEREST'S Morgan Spector), a pacifist whose lifestyle is called into question when everything goes to hell; and their daughter Alex (Gus Birney), a misfit teen who, unlike any other citizen, manages to survive her time voyaging through the mist.

Aside from the Copelands, the show will feature an emphasis on Nathalie Raven (Frances Conroy), who claims to have a spiritual connection with nature and could be the key to explaining what's skulking around in the deadly cloud. There's also Gus Redman, an assertive mall manager whose instinct to take over a situation by any means necessary is activated when the crisis rolls into town.

From what I can gather from the trailer (shown above), this re-imagining of King's horror classic looks to expand upon the nature of the mysterious mist, the creatures that dwell within it, and the eclectic cast of frightened individuals who are left with little choice but to fight for their lives against a circumstance they can scarcely comprehend. As someone who thoroughly enjoyed Darabont's THE MIST (particularly its bittersweet finale), I'll be tuning into this one for sure. Will you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Spike TV's THE MIST is scheduled for a June 22, 2017 debut.

Extra Tidbit: Mist actually nothing more than a very low stratus cloud. In truth though, you can never be sure of what lurks inside the fog-like mass. Remain vigilant, people.
Source: Spike TV



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