A Wachowski revolution

I'm still a little let down that the Wachowski brothers are following up their dark world of THE MATRIX films (mediocre sequels notwithstanding) with the bright, G-rated world of SPEED RACER and his monkey Chim-Chim, but there's some news today that has me a little more excited for the movie. The bountifully-bosomed Susan Sarandon recently spoke with Collider.com about some of the filming techniques the brothers are using, and apparently, they include revolutionary cameras that will allow everything on-screen to be in focus at the same time, like a cartoon:

They’re using some high def thing that comes with guards and it’s beyond anything I’ve ever…. I saw 10 minutes before I left, they did a special thing for me cause they’re just wrapping and having a party tonight, they were still working after I left. They’re doing something where they’re layering film so that the front and the back are in focus like a cartoon and they’re also doing two dimensional and three dimensional stuff and mixing and everything is very, very saturated with some new kind of film, so they actually have to treat the actors in some way so we can hold our own with the background. So it’s every color that wasn’t in The Matrix is seriously in this film.

I never outwardly noticed that about cartoons, that everything is always in focus, but now that I think about it, I suppose it's true and especially noticeable with Pixar films. I also have no idea what SPEED RACER is going to look like. I just cannot picture it. Isn't the whole thing being done behind a blue screen, meaning that everything should be in focus anyway? Whatever. Kudos to the Wachowskis for trying something new and advancing the medium forward. I'm still not looking forward this movie, but as far as the trailer goes? I can't f*ckin' wait.

Extra Tidbit: Sarandon will start shooting Peter Jackson's THE LOVELY BONES this winter.
Source: Collider



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