The website for The Dark Knight Rises has fully launched (plus a new trailer rumor)

TDKR new banner 656

One month from today, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will have been out for over a week and fans the world over will still no doubt be talking up a storm about everything they witnessed in that oh-so-glorious 2 hours and 45 minutes of nigh-on cinema history. And if you can't already tell how much I Believe In Christopher Nolan, then there's little I can do to help you.

But until such time as the film is actually in cinemas you can click right here to be taken to the official website for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, where you will find a link to purchase tickets, an image gallery with many of the pictures you've already seen in a bigger/clearer/better version, wallpapers, a link to soundtrack information, a "game" called Tumbler Designer, a game called The Fire Rises, and all of the trailers released up until now. 

And speaking of trailers, the Alberta Film Board has information on its website listing a 4th trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.  Will it show up in cinemas in front of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN? Will it go straight to the internet? Considering the looming release date, I'm sure we'll find out very soon.

The Dark Knight Rises stand off poster

Extra Tidbit: After so many things f***ing "rising" over the last few years in movies/books/video games, I really appreciate how THE DARK KNIGHT RISES has incorporated the word/concept into the story itself.



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