Aaron Johnson has been offered the human lead in Godzilla

With Frank Darabont rewriting and rumors of production issues swirling around the GODZILLA remake, there seems to be a silver lining. Although Joseph Gordon-Levitt declined the GODZILLA role to instead star in SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR, Johnson appears to have been high on the studio's list of potential stars. But, that is not to say he doesn't have conditions.

Namely, Johnson will not commit until he has read the finished Darabont screenplay. I mean, if I heard the rumors of studio squabbling with filmmakers and troubles in pre-production, I would want to know if the finished script was worth my time.

Johnson had a big year in 2012, starring in SAVAGES for Oliver Stone and ANNA KARENINA for Joe Wright. This year he has KICK-ASS 2: BALLS TO THE WALL coming and his 2014 is ripe for GODZILLA.

Assuming things finally get on track, GODZILLA would begin shooting this year to make the announced release date of May 15, 2014.

What do you think of Aaron Johnson headlining GODZILLA?

Source: Deadline



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