Aaron Paul learns to drive really fast in this featurette for Need For Speed

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul is revving it up this year, picking up, metaphorically, where the hit AMC show left off and racing into his first big-screen starring role in the videogame adaptation NEED FOR SPEED. However, before Paul could jump behind the wheel of some of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world, he first had to learn how to drive like a pro, which he does in this fun featurette that takes the actor to driving school where he learns everything from drifting to driving backwards at high speeds.

Take a look, bitch!:

I know there's some trepidation with this as Paul has yet to prove himself as a box office draw, but I think there's a lot more for sale here than just him. Director Scott Waugh's first feature, ACT OF VALOR, may not have been an Oscar-worthy flick in terms of acting, but the action was top notch and based on everything we've seen in the trailers and behind-the-scenes this looks to be really fun, adrenaline-fueled jolt of fun. Having Aaron Paul in the lead is the bonus to what could potentially be a surprisingly awesome crash 'em up racing actioner. I'm not looking for much more.

NEED FOR SPEED races into theaters on March 14, 2014.

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