Abbie a Bright Star?

I'm not sure why I know Abbie Cornish's name, but I do. Whoever her publicist is should get a big fat raise because without IMDB, I had no idea she was in A GOOD YEAR with Russell Crowe or that Heath Ledger movie CANDY. I do, however, remember something about her shacking up with a married guy and after a little web research, it turns out I was right (she was dating Ryan Phillippe while he was divorcing Reese Witherspoon). She's like a poor man's Sienna Miller. Well Cornish will have her chance to prove she's more than just tabloid fodder with a starring role in the upcoming period romance BRIGHT STAR. Jane Campion (THE PIANO) will direct the film that will focus on the relationship between poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne (huhhuh, he said fanny). Cornish also has a supporting role in the upcoming Iraq war story STOP-LOSS with her BF Ryan Phillippe. Filming on STAR is expected to begin later this summer.

Source: Variety



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