ABC's Inhumans TV show to be ruled with an Iron Fist by Netflix showrunner

Since Marvel Studios didn't own the rights to X-MEN or the term "mutants", the INHUMANS film was supposed to be their answer to Wolverine and the gang (as you can tell, it hasn't really panned out). Other than being a major plot point on the somehow still on the air AGENTS OF SHIELD, there hadn't been much movement on the INHUMANS film adaptation (at one point rumored to star a mute Vin Diesel as Black Bolt). However, some hope for the property emerged when it was announced that an INHUMANS TV show was in the works at ABC.

Now it looks like it's found it's showrunner: Buck Set. If you don't recognize his name, you might recognize the name IRON FIST, the show Set's been running that's coming out next year on Netflix. Yep, it seems more of that Marvel corporate synergy is hard at work, keeping it in the family. Maybe this could lead to more definitive collaboration between the different Marvel properties, as other than some cameos now-and-then of minor characters on AGENTS OF SHIELD, or some passing references in the Netflix shows, it seems that the MCU film division, ABC division, and Netflix division, are all pretty separate and self-contained. We'll see.

While there's no set release date for INHUMANS, you can check out IRON FIST next year on Netflix.

So what do you guys think? Excited about an INHUMANS show?


Extra Tidbit: The INHUMANS, as a whole, made their first appearance in FANTASTIC FOUR #45, 1965.
Source: Marvel



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