Abe Sapien spills

HELLBOY 2 is gearing up production, and physical actor/elastic man Doug Jones is already sliding a few details our way over at his blog.

Jones returns as Big Red's aquatic cohort Abe Sapien, but reveals that's not all he's playing in the sequel: "Along with him, I am also tackling a couple of other heavily made-up characters: The Chamberlain, a doorkeeper for the King of the alternate world, and The Angel Of Death, kind of self explanatory, but not to be feared."

Jones, who gave me the heebies something fierce with his dual roles in PAN'S LABYRINTH, also implies that Abe might have a love interest this time, and comments on his love for BK and hatred of shiny confetti. The HELLBOY sequel (subtitled THE GOLDEN ARMY) is getting up to speed in Budapest, and finds the BPRD battling a rebellion of creatures from the mythical world.
Extra Tidbit: Jones has played a man-sized bug, a Morlock, several DOOM imps, a mutant kangaroo, a silent grinning Gentleman, several aliens, a robot, and a couple of actual human characters.
Source: Dougie-Blog



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