Abigail Breslin to star in sex comedy, make you feel really old

Everyone has that one relative you don't see very often (aunt, uncle, grandparent...) and when you do, you get the "Oh my God, I can't believe how big you've gotten!" even though you, in your head, think you've been grown for a while. Well prepare to feel like that relative. Abigail Breslin, most remembered in people's heads as the little girl in SIGNS, the little girl in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE or the little girl in ZOMBIELAND, isn't a little girl anymore and has signed on to star in an indie sexy comedy.

Breslin will star in VIRGIN MARY as a high schooler who pacts with her male best friend to have sex if they're still virgins by the time they turn 18. Carter Jenkins, who you might remember as that little kid from Richard Linklater's BAD NEWS BEARS, will star as her friend. But what strikes me as a little odd is that Breslin is 15 while Jenkins is actually 20.

I'm sure there will be nothing all too salacious in VIRGIN MARY but just the thought of little cherub-faced Olive talking sex in a movie kinda weirds me out. But we're at a strange crossroads where we grew up watching little girls in movies who turn out to be kinda hot as they grow older (see also: the little girl from THE RING). Are you one of those guys who "counts down" to girls turning 18 or do you have a hard time with it?

Source: Variety



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