Abrams off Trek 11?

Update: As the poster below's pointed out, this rumor's been debunked all over the place but LR seems to be sticking with their story that something fishy is going on. We'll see how things develop.

Star Trek IX Up to now, we've been under the impression that J.J. Abrams was firmly committed to relaunching the STAR TREK franchise with the upcoming STAR TREK IX. The last time he spoke about the film, he seemed excited about jumping into this iconic universe. In fact, every time he's spoken about the film and the direction he's taking it, he's done so with some measure of enthusiasm. The folks over at Latino Review, however, claim that it's not all sunshine and rainbows between Paramount and Abrams right now. They're asserting that either Paramount has cut ties with Abrams or the other way around but Abrams is, in fact, off the project. Either that or he's taking a break to retool the script or re-coneptualize the film. Obviously, take this as a rumor and with a grain of salt but with the surreptitious and underhanded way studios usually operate, it could turn out to be true. Thanks to JC for the heads up.

Extra Tidbit: One of the film's writers, Roberto Orci, claims "immediate recall" of all things Trek, and even considers the Star Trek novels to have canon value.
Source: Latino Review



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