According to Jon Hamm, a Bridesmaids sequel probably isn't happening

BRIDESMAIDS, a female-drive R-rated comedy, is currently one of the Top 10 highest grossing comedies of the year. That's more money than GREEN LANTERN, SUPER 8 and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. Not too shabby, especially when you consider the film only cost about $30 million, a fraction of one of those other tentpoles. It's that kind of risk/reward ratio that has execs at Universal drooling over the possibility of a BRIDESMAIDS sequel. I mean, the HANGOVER sequel made over $250 million. But if Kristen Wiig has her way, the BRIDESMAIDS saga has ended.

BRIDESMAIDS co-star and friend-of-Wiig Jon Hamm spoke to E! and said that despite a lot of talk about a sequel, he doesn't think it's going to happen. The actor was asked if he'd be up to return and said, "They need to lock [Wiig] up before me," adding, "[But] I don't think Kristen is going to do it."

Universal is, I'm sure, dangling some serious cash in front of Wiig to return for a lucrative sequel so good for her that she's able to turn that money down. She also had every reason in the world to not return to "Saturday Night Live" for another season - she's a legitimate movie star now - but decided to put off any major movie offers for a return to "30 Rock."

What do you think about Wiig's decision? Do you think it was smart to return to SNL and pass on a sequel? Do you think that decision will hurt her career?

Source: E! Online



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