Aces prequel director

I was not as big of a fan of SMOKIN' ACES as I thought I would be. They pretty much had me hooked with the trailers and commercials but I was wildly disappointed in the final product. I love Joe Carnahan and his work on NARC was one of the more criminally underappreciated films of the past decade but ACES just misfired for me. All that said, I thought almost immediately afterward a) who was that kid who played the lead Tremor brother (turns out it was Chris Pine of the new STAR TREK movie) and b) those Tremors could use their own movie. As you may have heard the Tremors are in fact getting their own movie in the form of a SMOKIN' ACES prequel. While Carnahan won't be returning to direct he just announced on his blog who will be directing. Carnahan reports that PJ Pesce will be directing the film starting this month in Vancouver. Pesce last directed another sequel THE LOST BOYS 2, which turned out to be, as Arrow put it, "an insult or a joke, not sure yet which." This obviously doesn't bode well for fans of SMOKIN' ACES but maybe we'll wind up pleasantly surprised. Stay tuned...

Extra Tidbit: Strange that filming is about to begin and we haven't heard much word on casting...
Source: Smokin Joe



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