Action-comedy classic 48 Hours is getting a remake

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the directors of crime-thriller GOOD TIME - Benny and Josh Safdie - are ready to direct a remake of the Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte buddy-action classic 48 HOURS. The original  film was about "a convict and cop, respectively, who must team up to catch a pair of cop killers within 48 hours." A pretty simple, hard to fuck up premise.

Now, I have no particular love for this film, and like I said I think the premise is elastic enough to allow for a new interpretation. And with the current increase in awareness of police brutality against African-Americans, maybe the underlying racism of Nick Nolte's cop character to Eddie Murphy's convict character could be explored even deeper (especially since GOOD TIMES was much more on the gritty crime side). Or they could just reverse the roles - with a black cop escorting a white criminal. Either way, it'll either be good or forgotten in the annals of other misbegotten remakes like POINT BREAK and TOTAL RECALL.

So any fans of 48 HOURS out there? And if so, what do you think of the remake?

Extra Tidbit: There was a sequel called ANOTHER 48 HOURS.
Source: THR



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