Adam McKay kills any hopes of Anchorman 3

Knights of Columbus, this hurts!

According to Adam McKay, he’s done with the world of Ron Burgundy and the rest of the news team.

When the director was asked about a possible third installment, this is what he had to say:

It’s done. I think that’s it. It was great to do it and it was so fun to work with those guys again, but I think that’s it for Ron Burgundy.

When ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES hit theaters, it actually didn’t do too bad. Sales reached over $100 million in the US, and doubled worldwide. However, the second installment didn’t seem to have the same spark that the first did in in 2004. Perhaps they waited too long? While I personally enjoyed it, like most sequels, it didn’t quite measure up to what I had originally experienced after being first introduced to the characters. So if the money was there, a third film seems like the thing to do, right?

No, that’s the last sequel we’re gonna do. There’s nothing more fun to me than new characters and a new world. And now we’re releasing this alt version, we’re totally satisfied. No Anchorman 3.

This also kills the idea of that STEP BROTHERS sequel; another film full of awesome quotes. Don’t even expect to hear from Burgundy ten years down the line. McKay already nipped that one in the bud:

I’m going to say definitely no. I’ll actually say it in this case!”

Right now, Ron is probably uttering these words…

Source: Empire



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