Adam McKay to direct a remake of Uptown Saturday Night

Early last year, there was news that Warner Brothers was remaking 1974s UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT with Will Smith and Denzel Washington eying the two main roles.

Since then, Smith and Washington have remained interested in the project. David Dobkin (WEDDING CRASHERS) was once on to direct, but dropped to move on to other things.

Adam McKay is now in negotiations to take on the remake. Smith and Washington have been wanting to work with each other for awhile and figure this is the best opportunity for them. It also gives Washington a chance to show his comedic side.

The original comedy starred Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier as, "pals who visit an illegal nightclub, and are forced to hand over their wallets to thieves. Turns out one of them contains a winning lottery ticket, emboldening the duo to bump up against the criminal element to get back the wallet." Harry Belafonte, Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor and Roscoe Lee Brown also starred.

What do you guys think of McKay taking on this remake?

Source: Deadline



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