Adam Sandler and Happy Madison are making an animated feature for STX

hotel transylvania 2, adam sandler

Two Adam Sandler stories on back-to-back days? Lucky you, but that's just the nature of the beast when the guy is out there making moves. Yesterday, it was a final look at this new Netflix flick, THE DO-OVER, for you to pass judgment on, and today it's news that Sandler has cut a deal to make an animated feature for STX Entertainment. 

That's right... the fledgling studio, looking to add family fare into their plans to release 12 to 15 films per year, has turned to Sandler and Happy Madison to help make that happen. They know where the money is these days. As a result, Sandler will be writing, producing and starring in the untitled project with no real details about it.

"As we continue to grow our company, the family arena is of critical importance to STX Entertainment and we are tremendously excited to have Adam Sandler and Happy Madison developing projects with us for the global animation market," said Adam Fogelson, the chairman of the STX Entertainment Motion Picture Group, in a statement.

Sandler is wading into animated family entertainment before, with the two HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA films being big business for Sony Pictures, and his EIGHT CRAZY NIGHTS... Okay, so that one didn't go so well, but HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, right?

This is the second time in recent history where a company on the rise in the realm of original content has turned to Sandler for a boost. So far things have worked out well for Netflix. It'll be interesting to see if STX Entertainment finds similar results.




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