Adam Sandler & David Spade get a fresh start in The Do-Over red-band trailer

david spade, adam sandler, the do-over

Adam Sandler and David Spade are together again in a feature film, taking their comedy stylings to Netflix for THE DO-OVER. Right off the bat, there will be some who write this movie off and say "No thank you," following the track record of both comedians to deliver half-baked and mediocre efforts fairly regularly. However, after giving the new red-band trailer for the flick a look, I'm not so quick to dismiss their latest pairing. 

Sandler as the man-child again feels like nothing all that new. It may ultimately turn out to be the weak link of the flick, too, when all is said and done. But there is something about watching Spade play things a bit more seriously than usual, more as the straight man minus the smart-ass-ness that has been draped over nearly every character that he's ever played, that has me slightly intrigued. Is there something to watching a David Spade beaten-down by life rise up as he's pushed to the limits beyond the complacency he's come to accept? There might be, and, if so, THE DO-OVER won't be nearly as bad as some are assuming at this moment. This could actually be a decent watch for a few hours as you sit on your couch with nothing better to do. 

THE DO-OVER starts streaming on Netflix on May 27.


Source: Netflix



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