Adam Sandler is back on Netflix with the date announcement for The Do-Over

Hearing Adam Sandler's name attached to any movie at this point is enough to make more than a few of cringe. Why do they keep making these movies? Who is watching them? The answer is someone, with his last endeavor THE RIDICULOUS SIX reportedly doing very well among Netflix streamership to justify the deal they struck with him to begin with for original films.

You know what that means then, right? Yep... Another Sandler pic is on the way, and this time he'll be partnering up with David Spade for THE DO-OVER. From the very brief look at the film via its date announcement trailer that Netflix unveiled to the world today, it's probably about right on par with what you'd expect from a film starring this pair. And that thought alone just made someone's day, so good for them. Let them have their moment. I'll be over here checking out something else.

THE DO-OVER joins the Netflix queue of many on May 27.

Source: Netflix



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