Adam Sandler & Ben Stiller talk reuniting for The Meyerowitz Stories

Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller have been best of buddies since their early days in show business, and have since had separate, explosive careers – sadly with the emphasis on separate. The two haven’t had any major roles alongside each other, until the movie THE MEYEROWITZ STORIES fell on their lap. Now the two are working side-by-side, and word is the result is miraculous.

The two, as well as supporting cast members Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson, spoke to reporters at the screening of the film at Cannes, with the fact brought up the two haven’t appeared on-screen together since 1996’s HAPPY GILMORE:


I just think it’s cool to hear HAPPY GILMORE mentioned at Cannes.

The Noah Baumbach movie about two brothers with vastly different personalities was selected to compete for the festival’s highest honor, the Palme d’Or, and has since been one of the toasts of the festival, particularly for Stiller and Sandler’s work. Critics are saying the latter could even earn an Oscar nomination for his work, but for the two the joy comes out of working so closely with each other:


Adam and I have known each other for years and years. This was a really special experience, having a chance to connect with him like this. Where we’re at in our lives personally, it was a chance for us to really get closer than we’ve been before. Playing brothers, it was really like one of the best experiences I’ve had.


Me too, buddy.

Sandler, who’s been chipping away at films for Netflix (which also bought distribution for MEYEROWITZ in April), spoke about taking on such a heavy film and the responsibility it meant:

It’s different for a comedian to get an offer like this. My first thought is I don’t want to let anyone down.

Whenever I think of Sandler going serious my mind goes to his stellar work in PUNCH DRUNK LOVE, which earned him a Golden Globe nom. From what I’m reading about the film he’s topped his work there, making this his best job yet. I’m sure this was achieved thanks to working with Stiller, who’s also turned in some great dramatic work, and I can’t wait to see the two finally work together in such a capacity. From the look of it, too, it seems Sandler has stolen Stiller's mustache from HAPPY GILMORE, because real friends share.

There's no release date yet for STORIES, but chances are Netflix will release it in the heart of awards season this fall.

Source: AP



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