Adam Sandler's Happy Madison is bringing Bad Toys to the big screen

Adam Sandler's Happy Madison production company already were converting acclaimed internet short PIXELS into a big screen movie and look to be doing it again with BAD TOYS II.

We originally brought you BAD TOYS II as a Cool Video back in February. The fun and retro nature of the short made it very successful online. Sandler's team took notice and are now going to give it a chance as a full length movie.

While the original short used a combo of live-action, comic book panels and CG, and Michael Bay-style editing and camera moves, the Columbia Pictures version will center on a grown man reconnecting with his youthful imagination through his son's toys, and his play turns into an homage to big-budget action films.

I think this could be awesome. The problem with the SCARY MOVIE type of spoof is that it becomes too on the nose with mocking the tropes of the genre. Instead, if you play on those cliches with respect for the source material, you can still mock without becoming to self-referential about it.

Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste, the French animators behind the original BAD TOYS II short, will executive produce the big screen version.

What do you think of Sandler snatching up all of these shorts and converting them to features?

Extra Tidbit: Get Nic Cage to star and you are golden!



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