Adam West will appear in five more episodes of Family Guy

Though Adam West is gone his stellar work will remain with us forever. Of course this applies to the BATMAN series that made him famous, but we will also be able to hear him as the delusional, outrageous mayor on FAMILY GUY until the world stops turning. He appeared in 100 episodes of the show, and even though he’s gone it isn’t the end for his lovable, oafish character, as his voice will appear in a few more episodes.

EW has learned that the actor recorded voices for five upcoming episodes of the show before his passing, and that the producers of the show will honor West’s legacy by airing those shows. Producer Steve Callaghan spoke about West, and how his death came as a complete shock to everyone who worked on the show:

It came as a complete shock. If I get emotional in this conversation, I apologize. It was very shocking, which seems like such an odd thing to say about someone who is in their late 80s. But, the thing about Adam West is that every time he would come to record, he was just vital and healthy and had so much energy and happiness — no one that you would ever think wouldn’t be with you much longer. So it was very shocking, and it wasn’t that long ago… that he was here. We will miss him a lot. He brought so much to the show, and, of course, we’ll miss the character because it’s such a funny character. But we’ll just miss having his presence here in the office. There are not enough positive adjectives in the language to use to describe Adam West.

Callaghan would go on to talk about West’s incredible work ethic, and how he was always willing to embrace the ridiculousness of the script:

We would put anything in front of him. There’s a ridiculous line from an episode years ago where he’s standing on a street corner saying to a passing woman, he says, “Hey, baby. Wanna take a gander at some Adam West penis?” And he’s like, “Okay, I’ll do it.” He just was such a good sport. Always really funny. So easy to work with, easy to take direction, and sometimes he’d ad-lib or expand on something or go, “How about if I do it this way?” And he’d do something that was invariably funnier than what we had on the page, and was just a really good sport with a great sense of humor.

West will always be known as the first great Batman, and his work on FAMILY GUY reminded us how awesome the man was at just being Adam West...even if it was a more satirical verison of himself. Obviously words still can’t describe the loss of the icon, but with a body of work like his it’s impossible to believe like he’s really gone. It will especially feel like he’s still here when those episodes air, and we can only hope has more hilarious lines like “Wanna take a gander at some Adam West penis."

Source: EW



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