Adam Wingard Interview: Godzilla vs. Kong, Face/Off and more!

Adam Wingard has created some of the most engaging genre work in the past decade or so. He crafted the fast and fun modern slasher You're Next, the brutal and darkly comedic The Guest, as well as taking on Blair Witch and Deathnote. Now he's giving fans something that they've been looking forward to for a long time, the battle of giants! GODZILLA VS. KONG is an insanely fun ride. After several movies bringing Godzilla and King Kong to the big screen, Wingard has done a terrific job of creating a satisfying, big-budget extravaganza. And if that wasn't enough, we'll be hearing a whole lot more from him as he's set to continue the story that started with Face/Off as he is currently working on the classic action feature's sequel.

I've had the amazing pleasure of chatting with Mr. Wingard many times in the past. For Godzilla vs. Kong, the director opened up about his appreciation for the characters, and how he did not want to say who he felt would/should win. And considering this is such a beautiful film with the use of colors, he discussed his approach to the look and sound of the film. This also came down to a chat about Mad Max: Fury Road, and the incredible work of Junkie XL, who brings the music to life in the new adventure. As well, I asked Adam what he could say about bringing both John Travolta and Nicolas Cage back for his take on Face/Off. Either way, I recommend this beastly battle between giants. Godzilla vs. Kong opens this Wednesday at a drive-in/theatre near you, and for those of you less inclined to leave your humble abode, you can check it out on HBOMax. 

Source: JoBlo.com

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