Adams visits Museum

Blue-eyed firetop Amy Adams first really grabbed my attention in CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (how could you leave that slice of lovely, Leo?), and her career has been getting bigger ever since.

Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better, however, and so Adams will co-star with Ben Stiller and numerous digital enhancements in the sequel to the bewilderingly lucrative NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM. This time around, the possessed artifacts get relocated from NYC's Natural History museum to the Smithsonian in Washington, where the ENCHANTED princess will be a new historical figure with an eye for Stiller's security guard. I guess he couldn't hold on to Carla Gugino, but that's not a bad trade.

At least Adams is wise enough to balance innocuous audience-friendly fare like this with indie material such as JUNEBUG and the black comedy SUNSHINE CLEANING, which was apparently well-received at Sundance. MUSEUM 2 brings back director Shawn Levy and writers (and RENO 911 coppers) Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon.
Extra Tidbit: Adams has a bit of genre cred -- she appeared in episodes of SMALLVILLE and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.
Source: Variety



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