Additional Spidey

With all the hype that's surrounding the upcoming release of SPIDER-MAN 3, I'm going to try and kick it old school and dish out a little something on SPIDER-MAN 2, without which SPIDER-MAN 3 wouldn't be possible. Next week, to coincide with the hysteria that inevitably comes with the release of a movie like SPIDER-MAN 3, the people over at Sony are releasing SPIDER-MAN 2.1 on dvd, which features an entire eight new minutes of extra footage.

I'm not one to get excited over 'additional footage' because it simply seems like a ploy from the studio to squeeze some extra cash out of an older release. But when that 'additional footage' is free, available with the click of a mouse, and adds to one of the greatest fight sequences of the decade, then why the eff not? Here it is folks, the subway brawl from SPIDER-MAN 2. See if you can spot what's new.

Extra Tidbit: The young boys who hand Peter Parker his Spider-man mask on the train are Tobey Maguire's younger half brothers.
Source: YouTube



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