Adrien Brody really earns his Best Actor Oscar in this trailer for InAPPropriate Comedy

For the most part, the winners of Oscars for acting have gone on to illustrious careers and success in Hollywood. But, for every Daniel Day-Lewis, there is a Cuba Gooding Jr. For every Meryl Streep, there is a Halle Berry. One of the recent recipients of an Academy Award who has gone on to make some questionable choices is Adrien Brody. Back when THE PIANIST was in theaters, everyone thought they were seeing the next big talent. After making some quality turns in movies like THE DARJEELING LIMITED, THE BROTHERS BLOOM, and SPLICE, Brody has spent the most part making some really bad movies.

This latest film choice is a very odd one. The sketch comedy film INAPPROPRIATE COMEDY also stars Rob Schneider, Lindsay Lohan, and Michelle Rodriguez. The movie was directed by Vince Offer (aka The Sham-Wow Guy. No, I am not kidding), who also directed the god awful UNDERGROUND COMEDY MOVIE and seems to use the old tried and true method of comedy which is to say racist humor, gross out humor, profanity, and nudity. This does not look like THE KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE, this looks like dreck.

The "plot" of the movie supposes that a computer tablet full of the world's most hilariously offensive apps breaks through the borders of political correctness, stirring up cultural anarchy is found and we are watching the contents of the computer. Brilliant.

Check out the new trailer;

I am all for dumb comedies, but this is just sad. I mean, they trot out a handful of celebrities to try and make this look more like a legit project, but it feels tired and no better than what we would get late night on Comedy Central. Maybe I am being overly harsh, but I have a feeling this movie will be sold in three easy installments of 99 cents.

If anything, this is another example of Adrien Brody following Nicolas Cage down the shitty Oscar winner filmography rabbit-hole.

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